Summer activities for your children 

Every year in summer, parents have the same problem: what to do with their children during the long summer holidays?

Solidarité européenne has put together a list of possibilities for you. Some centres also offer activities for all the family – a really nice way to spend some quality time together. If you know of any other centres, please let us know so that we can put the information on our website.
Also, Solidarité européenne is well aware of the situation facing our colleagues with lower salaries. We therefore offer financial help to our members with a net salary of less than 3000€ per month.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for full details.


Panda Club

This is a club run by the Natural History Museum in Luxembourg. The activities are organised around the theme of nature and are aimed at children from the ages of 6-10 years. They take place all the year. You have to be a member of the club to take part (registration is free). The price of the activities varies – some even being free of charge. Typical price for an activity of half a day is 5 €. The new programme with all the activities for the summer holidays will be available at the beginning of June on their website. They also organise activities for the whole family. Although the main language spoken is Luxembourgish, the monitors also speak French and German and some speak English.


Panda club | website


Science Club

This club is also run by the Natural History Museum in Luxembourg, but targets older children (11-18 years). The functioning of the club is similar to that of the Panda Club.


Science club | website



ADEPS organises sports holidays in different centres in Belgium. The nearest centre is that of Arlon (L'Hydrion). During the summer, sporting holidays are offered on a Monday to Friday basis, with or without accommodation. Prices start at 35€ per week (without accommodation) to 135€ per week with accommodation. There are numerous activities to choose from, e.g. football, dance, VTT… The type of activity offered depends also on the site. Activities for families are also available. A working knowledge of French is required to participate.


ADEPS | website  


Young Caritas

Young Caritas offers holidays for children from 6-17 years, both in Luxembourg and abroad. The price depends to a certain extent on the income of the parents. The main language is Luxembourgish, but monitors also speak French and German, some also speak English.


Young Caritas | website


Other sites to be checked out :

Service national de la jeunesse | website

Red Cross | website

City of Luxembourg | website




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Darkness Into Light is an international charity walk aimed at taking away the stigma surrounding suicide and self-harm as well as raising funds for charities working in this area. Suicide among young people in the EU is particularly concerning – in 2014, it accounted for around 20% of deaths in young [ ... ]

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Today the Administration published the list of those lucky members of staff proposed for promotion. This list was drawn up by your Director-General after consultation with staff representation. Although we provide input with the aim of making the process as fair as possible, we can only base our comments [ ... ]

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