IT working environment and IT tools at the Commission



In order to work efficiently, it is essential to have adequate IT tools and the matching IT environment.

Is this the case in your DG or unit? Staff frequently on mission are often not provided with laptops or service phones to be used during these missions. Going on mission often entails a long and tedious journey where time could be spent more efficiently working if provided with adequate IT tools.


Some DGs, such as DIGIT, have adopted a policy of providing good mobile IT tools for its entire staff whereas other DGs simply do not allow anyone except management to have access to these IT tools.


Even staff who occasionally work from a different Commission building than their normal workplace are penalised. Depending on the building, the login in the morning can take up to 15 minutes! This not only causes a waste of working time, but also generates a lot of frustration. Also, lost working time is costing the Commission money, so improved IT tools could easily be justified. In a time of cut backs of staff, this is a simple way of making it easier to cope with the increased workload and aid motivation.


Furthermore, providing staff with mobile and flexible IT tools is a business contingency and security improvement for staff and the Commission as an organisation.


The Executive Committee of Solidarité européenne

03 Jul 2019 15:40


Note for the attention of Mr Günter OETTINGER,

Commissioner in charge of Budget and Human Resources


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