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Solidarité européenne has been contacted by colleagues whose head of units have queried their working time registered in Sysper. For example, why did they register 8:40 when they arrived in their office at 8:45 and many have been made to change the time in Sysper. However, this is not correct! 

According to the rules laid down by DG HR, working time starts "when you enter your office building or any other building where you have to attend meetings". You can find this and more information under the link:




If working time starts when you enter the building, then logically, working time ends when you leave the building. Some members of staff could gain up to 20 minutes a day, depending on where their office is situated in relation to the entrance of the building. 

So, if your head of unit queries the time you have registered, print them out this FAQ from DG HR. (and yes, we also find it unbelievable that some heads of units have nothing better to do than to stand in the corridor controlling the time that their staff arrives!). 

And remember, if you are having problems at work, don't hesitate to contact us and we will do all we can to help you. 

A final message to heads of unit, respect and trust go a long way to motivate staff, bullying and excessive controlling have the opposite effect.


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03 Jul 2019 15:40


Note for the attention of Mr Günter OETTINGER,

Commissioner in charge of Budget and Human Resources


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