Solidarité européenne is very aware of the gradual degradation of working conditions for staff and of the problems than can result from this situation We are also concerned that it is more and more difficult to reconcile professional life with private life and family commitments. Therefore, as well as defending your rights against an Administration more and more hostile and supporting you when you encounter professional difficulties, Solidarité européenne wanted to find new ways to help you in your daily life.





Since 2013, Solidarité européenne has been organising conferences, workshops and events on themes concerning well-being and parenting. This gives staff the opportunity to meet experts in these fields and gain an insight into the various possibilities that exist to facilitate or improve their lives.



We have also formed partnerships with many of our invited experts so that members of Solidarité européenne, can benefit from special advantages. Just mention Solidarité européenne when booking and remember to take along your membership card.