Taking care of you

"Solidarité européenne is a trade union with a difference."

Not only do we deal with standard trade union matters (defending you and your rights against an increasingly hostile Administration), but we go further and address issues important for all of us whether related to work or private life.


In fact, Solidarité européenne has become well-known for its conferences, workshops and events on themes targeted to improve wellbeing, health and parenting. Just in 2015 we organised conferences on topics such as … and workshops on sophrology and reflexology.


But Solidarité européenne doesn't  just limit its actions to benefit Commission staff. At our well-being event in April we collected money for victims of the earthquake in Nepal. This sum was doubled through our own funds and we transferred over 400€ to the Red Cross in Luxembourg.


Solidarité européenne has worked closely with Contract Agents, promoting their cause and supporting them in their struggle to get a fairer deal from the Commission. Moreover, we were the only trade union to reimburse, from our own funds, 100% of lost salaries for our Contract Agent colleagues, members of S.E., who went on strike. We were also the trade union to launch the solidarity fund – an idea later taken up by the Local Staff Committee.


We know that it is not easy to keep the children occupied during the long summer break , so since 2014 Solidarité européenne has been helping its members with lower salaries by contributing a small amount to the fees paid for summer activities for their children.


When it comes to offering training for the competitions, instead of just providing a training course or material at an exorbitant fee, we prefer to offer a holistic and personalised package in order to maximise candidates' chances of a successful outcome.


We're based in Luxembourg and are independent of any dictate coming from Brussels. Our policy and decisions reflect our thinking. We're not a "mail-box" trade union who just pass on messages from the "bosses" in Brussels.


We are more than just words, we take action, we support, and we aid financially when we can.